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Here in BPS, we open opportunities, giving our employees a warm and welcoming working environment to maintain the quality we provide.

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BPS Internship Trainings exposes future mental health professionals to related field-work that arises in clinics which provide interns a learning experience that will allow you to hone and apply your knowledge dealing with clients in order to immerse you in actual settings that will broaden your horizons. 

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BPS Psychologists aim to provide our clients with the quality that our clients expect of us, while achieving the balance of work-life environment to provide our employees the workplace they need.



BPS Counselors are licensed counselors with a degree in Guidance & Counseling. They work with clients dealing with general stress and life challenges. 


Similar to BPS Counselors, our BPS Trained Mental Health Professionals also aim to assist clients in dealing with their personal difficulties. They are not licensed yet but are currently completing their post-graduate degrees.

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