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Setting a healthy boundary: Solving the Negative Effect of Social Media

As the detrimental impacts of social media are becoming more well known, many people become alarmed by these. Cyberbullying, fake news, popularity contests, and even catfishing can be seen on social media, which can also cause a negative impact. Social media can entertain individuals, and many of these individuals love the issues of different content bloggers against each other really can create a significant effect on social media users. Many people are so addicted to social media that they don't even realize they are overusing it. The need for validation and attention will follow that, according to Kalligas (2017).

As a result, having a lot of negative impacts of social media issues has become the following trend to many organizations like how different organizations can provide and market establishing these healthy methods and approaches they can promote in setting healthy boundaries. Other groups and organizations are helping to promote different healthy boundaries online on many websites, online articles, and even on various social media applications. Also, many mental health professionals and their groups are guiding and ensuring that people's information online is based on truth, facts, previous studies, and published books. And as many national and influential international personalities advocate for mental health, this helps people understand the word mental health better and lets their followers know how to avoid danger, threats, scams, and discrimination that can influence stay safe and understand their boundaries. This helps to strengthen mutual respect for different opinions and is being promoted well.

Five Healthy with Social Media

  1. Be mindful of who you interact with.

  2. Do not share your personal information.

  3. Manage your time on social media; make it at least 30 minutes a day and after that, only use it when you need to contact someone.

  4. Learn how to do activities personally like exercise, be with your friends and have fun doing activities you want.

  5. Practice putting away your phone and other gadgets.

As well as the different social media apps on the internet are promoting various ways to stay healthy and are advising people to be careful who they interact with online. Some are restricting and banning people from using the app if they are proven to be doing something terrible. To prevent many victims from falling into traps. They are also teaching people to manage their time and discipline online to prevent people from getting addicted to it.

As an active person on social media myself, I witness many professional and influential people being recognized for their excellent mental health advocacy, which is a great help for helping and promoting people to set their healthy boundaries on social media. And with the service of many articles online, people can do just what they need that can help them list down the possible ways of setting their boundaries.



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