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Clinical Psychology Intern

BPS Internship Trainings exposes future mental health professionals to related field-work that arises in clinics which provide interns a learning experience that will allow you to hone and apply your knowledge dealing with clients in order to immerse you in actual settings that will broaden your horizons. 

Clinical Psychology Intern

Currently accepting applicants for this position!

BPS's Internship Program


Shaping future leaders

Through good mentorship and autonomy in handling tasks, BPS hone the leadership skills of interns.

Hands-on experiences

The program provides opportunities to interns to handle real cases and patients and maximize their learning by having interactive assessment and counseling sessions.

Immersing in Harmony

Aside from individual growth, interns build on their interpersonal skills by working closely with other interns, BPS Mental Health Professionals, and clients. Employees, staff, and The program encourage collaboration and working together in a friendly and harmonious environment.

Nurturing excellence

The program equips the interns to take-on healthy challenges to strive for success and excellence.

Elevating competencies

With a well-curated program, there are endless opportunities to learn and develop their clinical competencies in the field of Psychology.


General competencies








Program Eligibility Criteria

  1. Pass the essay exam and all interviews

  2. (For undergraduates) You must have a school endorsement

  3. (For graduates and volunteer-internship students) You must have good moral character, transcript of records OR school endorsement

  4. Prepare your résumé/CV and cover letter

  5. Must be willing to render 90 - 300 hours for the internship


BPS' Course Programs

The detailed programs and the benefits


Patient Evaluation

Supervisor: Dr. Francine Rose DC Bofill, RPm, RGC, RPsy Assisted by Mr. Timothy Joshua Reyes, RPm and Ms. Natasha Flores, RPm

Specific Tasks
  • Administer, score, and interpret psychological tests

  • Transcribe existing interviews and create psychological reports

  • Administer, score and interpret tests for pre-employment if any

  • Assign any system innovation related to psychological tests

  • Research test materials (for a specific purpose)

Specific Competencies
  • Demonstrates skills in administering, scoring, and interpreting selected psychological tests

  • Demonstrates appropriate use of written consent for release of information

  • Represents professional qualifications accurately to clients


  • Case Conference of assigned client


Patient Care

Supervisor: Dr. Francine Rose DC Bofill, RPm, RGC, RPsy

Assisted by Ms. Dhea Rose de la Cruz

Specific Tasks
  • Prepare counseling activities

  • Shadowing, implementation of activities in coordination with activity facilitators

  • Research and prepare the therapeutic activity and test items for chosen potential patients

Specific Competencies
  • Demonstrates observational and listening skills

  • Demonstrates awareness of legal decisions that impact the practice of psychotherapy

  • Respects clients’ right to self-determination

  • Demonstrate knowledge of when to refer clients

  • Avoids dual relationships with clients

  • Respects the confidentiality of the therapeutic relationship


  • Research presentation


Patient Education

Supervisor: Dr. Francine Rose DC Bofill, RPm, RGC, RPsy

Specific Tasks
  • Prepare informational materials (psychological analysis)

  • Prepare corporate client’s informational materials

  • Write Mental Health articles

  • Facilitate and or organize webinars and incorporate research literature into the presentations

Specific Competencies
  • Demonstrates awareness of relevant mental health information

  • Respects clients’ differing opinions on various mental health information

  • Creates relevant materials appealing to society for mental health promotion


  • Webinar Facilitation


Program Fees

*includes a WELCOME GIFT! (mental health T-shirt)

Undergraduate Students

Students who are required by their institutions to undergo an internship and are officially enrolled in an internship subject at their institutions.

  • 90 - 100 hours

    • Php 1,800.00

  • 150 hours

    • Php 2,300.00

  • 200 hours

    • Php 2,800.00

  • 300 hours

    • Php 3,600.00

Graduate Students

For graduates who are looking to expand their experience and elevate their competencies so that they can be prepared in their future careers.

(Post-Graduate Internship or Volunteer Internship)

  • 90 - 100 hours

    • Php 2,300.00

  • 150 hours

    • Php 2,800.00

  • 200 hours

    • Php 3,300.00

  • 300 hours

    • Php 3,800.00

For all interns, please note that this is not refundable. For full-onsite, please add Php 500


  • To complete all assigned tasks

  • To have culminating activities

  • To have own laptop

Overall head:

Dr. Francine Rose DC. Bofill, RPSy, RPm, RGC
Clinic Director

Scan our sample internship packets here (or click here):

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