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Today is my last day for any group sessions/webinar for 2023, and I would say I am grateful for this engagement. For context, it was for a team who lost someone dear to them. They were shocked because this person was the life of the party and behind that persona, s/he was going through a lot. I have shared with them all I have as a professional but they gave back to me more than I could ask for. I ended the engagement with tears. A good reminder, I am a psychologist but always I am a person.

To all those struggling, still thinking if you need that consultation or if you deserve to have it, YES. You deserve that. Give that as a gift to yourself, or to people whom you care the most. Ask for that help whether from your friends, family, pastor, priest, counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, neighbor - to anyone, just please ask for help.

Help is here. Please keep going.

You are valued and loved. Mahirap araw- araw pero laban. Bukas ulit basahin mo to.

Doc B


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