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“Babae ako, hindi Babae lang”

Parenting is such a heavy responsibility to take. It consumes your time and energy especially for first time parents. However, it fills that empty space in your heart yearning for genuine happiness and contentment for the longest time. But what if being a parent leaves you raising your child alone? As a single mother or a single father — there’s nothing wrong about it, right? A study on solo parenting shows that women are mainly leading the number of being a single parent.

A single mom’s life is truly struggling especially when it comes to mental health. Research has shown that mental health is one common problem that a single parent encounters. Some are at high risk with mood disorders, depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and especially stigma and judgment. Also, it has been studied that single mothers feel emotions such as stress, being disappointed in themselves, hopelessness and even rage when they can’t afford their child’s needs.

Despite the mental health issues a single mother faces, still, I believe she chose and will always choose to continue with her life as someone who wants to provide for her kids, as someone who wants to be her children’s physical, mental, and emotional support, but most importantly — as someone who chose to be a mother. In fact, I see nothing wrong with someone being a single mother but what concerns me is how people still go for the stigma and judgment to attack someone.

Single mothers are being looked down upon by some not knowing that they also act as the head of the household; that they struggle emotionally and mentally but still manage to cope up with the situation — that they are strong and brave women. This article wants to remind you that being a single mother is not a hindrance to check on yourself (well-being) from time to time as it helps you accept the situation and continue on with your life.

March is the month where we celebrate women’s month and one way to celebrate it is to acknowledge and appreciate every woman who touched our soul and became a part of our lives. This includes mothers - whether single or married, sisters, grandmothers, best friends, teachers, mentors, and even acquaintances. Today, single mothers are the star of this piece.



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