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Cancel Culture

Disagreement in opinion regarding different topics causes a lot of tension between people. Whether someone supports this particular political party, or someone supports misogyny, divorce, gay marriage, and other heated topics that seem to be offensive and wrongfully viewed causes people to resort to "Cancelling" that person (Norris, 2020).

But what really is the cancel culture? Why do people use it a lot these days? Why do people resort to canceling the person who has a different view from their view?

The so-called cancel culture has been used a lot in this tech-filled generation. It causes someone to automatically cancel the person, the organization, or the business that believes differently or does something out of the social norm. Not only does it create division in our society, but it also promotes hate and generalized judgment toward a person or group of people who have opposing opinions and views.

Instead of resorting to creating this culture of cancellation on people who are being called out. We as an individual should start within ourselves, we should educate and encourage one another to be understood and to have an understanding without creating a wall that sees everything that is happening in black and white.



Norris, P. (2020). Closed Minds? Is a ‘Cancel Culture’ Stifling Academic Freedom and Intellectual Debate in Political Science? SSRN Electronic Journal. Published.

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