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The self is like a big canvas that you can paint as you go on with your life. The paint represents your experiences that can make the final product unique. There is always room for mistakes and failure, every day is a chance to create something new and different.

Oftentimes, feeling stuck in the past and present leads to confusion and demotivation to move forward. Oftentimes you forget to remember that you are a work in progress. It is okay to make mistakes, or if you fail to do a certain thing. Being a work in progress means you are acknowledging and accepting your shortcomings and letting them go on. It means that you are continually looking for opportunities that will spark growth and change within your life. Moreover, being a work in progress allows us to make slow progress, doing things one step at a time. You can always set goals or unrealistic standards within yourself but don’t force it to happen because it's for your sake at the end of the day.

Figuring out things can be quite pressuring especially if you are in your early twenties and preparing to enter adult life. You are often bombarded by the things that society has designed for young adults like you. But remember to be gentle with yourself because you are not required to know it all at once. Your journey might be slower than someone else’s but don’t worry because figuring out things does not have a finish line where the first one wins.

Lastly, being a work in progress does not mean you are a failure. It means you are continually growing and striving to be a better version of yourself. Always remember that you are a priceless artwork that is made meticulously through time.


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