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"Haunted by You: The Ghosting Phenomenon."

Everyone needs love and everyone deserves it, too. This primordial thirst of people to give out and to receive the mentioned social concept makes it easy to dip themselves in the stream of uncertainties and unsteady waters. With this said, not every trial to show affection ends in a good way; some even lead to demise even before existing. However, a failure of the little spark’s glow is not always due to the notion of “falling out of love.” Sometimes, humans just extinguish the flame and disappear without a trace just like a phantom - the phenomenon of ghosting.

Ghosting is when someone forms a connection and then decides to just put an end to the string of love (Fader, 2020). This occurrence begins with passion then leads to communication - this is where ghosting usually happens. Derived from the word itself, this unfortunate affair turns one side of the party into the persona of a ghost. Disappearing without a trace. Without any warning. Ghosting is actually an extremely cruel thing to do (Coffee, 2018). This is due to the fact that it is done by only one side of the line, however, the consequences are carried by the other innocent side. Ghosting usually generates a road of suffering from the person who experienced it. Myriads of negative questions will prey on the mind of the ghosted one. Due to this phenomenon, victims start to envision the worst possible scenarios, resulting in them often blaming themselves (Fader, 2020).

So much for the pain of this no-closure breakup system, why do people ghost? Grounding from numerous new studies regarding this subject, ghosters tend to possess what we call the “avoidant attachment style,” and this indicates that instead of talking things out or expressing sincere emotions, people who have this attachment style choose to just go and walk away (Gholipour, 2019). This explains why ghosters just vanish into thin air without even saying farewells. For people who ghost, leaving and running away is the best thing to do if they are unsure of their potential partner.

Yes, finding love and giving love is and will always be an enormous part of humans but it should always be noted that the road to a perfect romance is nonexistent. There will always be bumps along the way. Humans are different in every sense of the word and due to this, humans will always have to seek that one person who’s going to make every pain worth it. Even if you have encountered some ghosters, don’t lose hope! Someone out there will eventually be your one in a million!


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