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How memes can affect us

You see them every day on social media. You would laugh at them and would probably share them with your friends. Memes have totally taken the internet by storm. It’s a total go-to for everyone whenever they’re stressed or depressed.

Back when my friends and I were completing our qualitative thesis on memes, we noticed that our participants received mostly positive experiences from creating and sharing them on social media. While making the analysis, an idea crossed my mind and I thought to myself, “If they received favorable experience from memes, maybe it could be used for therapy?”

It’s a ridiculous question, I know. But for the most part, the majority of us who use the internet also happen to use social media, which, in turn, means that almost everyone has seen at least one meme. Well, people who use social media regularly, have more experience with encountering memes and the short-term positive effects that it brings.

In our study, the participants told us in an interview that they were able to adapt to their current situation in life like a recent heartbreak, insecurities, or even boredom. They all noted positive outcomes from making memes and posting them on social media. One participant notably mentioned that it was able to treat his feelings of sadness and made him feel better.

So, why not share a meme with your friends? Maybe you can brighten their mood while improving yours at the same time!


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