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Is it okay not to be okay?

The COVID-19 pandemic showed a lot of people that it's totally fine not to feel good all the time and that no one should underestimate what others are feeling and going through. The pandemic tested our whole well-being – physically or mentally, which is why practicing self-care became more relevant.

The definition of self-care differs for each individual as we feel good and enjoy things differently. However, it is essential to note that practicing self-care includes caring for your physical health along with your mental health (Crisis Center, 2018). It may appear challenging to some, but nothing can go wrong if you drive to succeed. Self-care can be as simple as sitting on your balcony and watching the leaves sway in the wind or as challenging as finishing a book. Though, don't put too much pressure on yourself if you didn't manage to do everything you intended. It is okay if you're not at your best all of the time as everything takes time to practice. You may start by doing breathing exercises every time you feel stressed or by having a "me"-time before the day ends (Crisis Center, 2018). It doesn't have to be anything significant because everyone has different ways of taking care of themselves.

Remember that even small acts of self-care can significantly impact your life. Self-care should be done at your own time and pace. But, most importantly, make sure to enjoy your life at all times still.



Crisis Center. (2018). The importance of Self-Care in maintaining positive mental health.

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