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Managing personal Mental Health in the midst of Pandemic

Times are uncertain these days; one minute, everything is fine, and you go on and about with your life, and then suddenly you hear an old friend, someone younger, or maybe even stronger than you suddenly died because of the pandemic. This morning, that same scenario happened with an old friend of our family, she died due to heart enlargement and pneumonia, but there was no room in the ICU available to access.

It has been two years, and this is still our reality. Our country faces an invisible enemy, and the anxiety of losing loved ones is nerve breaking. With this realization: Filipinos are trying hard to fight and ensure everyone's safety when it comes to physical health.

Wearing face masks, staying at home, and other protective equipment should still be observed to ensure the safety of the entire household, even if the situations have been less strict.

We faced these challenges as the government implemented different restrictions and safety measures to reduce the country's mortality rate of Covid 19. These affected every individual's daily routines and lifestyle, which was for sure a giant leap of change in our lives.

People are encouraged to work from home, though many have then shifted to going back on-site. Learning methods modified, universities have been allowing online and face-to-face classes. Embracing yet another new lifestyle can bring a mental distortion even with an individual with a healthy mentality and more dangerous to those with a disorder.

Managing mental health is an essential matter to take a closer look at.

There are many ways and preventive measures that we can consider to ensure the safety of our mental health and help others who may need this information.

1. Be alert and keep updated on all information. Always make yourself well informed by listening and reading the news available on different platforms and social media. Be sure to weigh the truthfulness of the statements before believing in them. The World Health Organization is the most reliable source for any information. Follow guidelines only from them and certified channels of a television.

2. Keep your daily health habits consistent. Make sure to have your list of dos and don'ts in your daily health habits.

  • Be sure to have enough time of rest and sleep;

  • Take a bath every day and other personal hygiene;

  • Follow the go, grow, glow foods dietary meal plan;

  • Take vigorous physical activities every morning;

  • Engage in extracurricular activities that take pleasure for your mental health.

3. Never embrace false ideas. Limit your exposure to social media such as Facebook, Messenger, and the like. They may make you fearful and anxious.

4. Allow yourself to communicate actively with other people. If physical fellowship is not possible, try to share positively with your friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

5. Screen time. Always make sure that you always take a break from your phone.

6. Avoid over-indulgence in online games. Online games can be another way to relax your mind for a short period. But taking too much time in online games is dangerous to your mental health.

7. Practice using social media for beneficial purposes. Make use of your social media account to benefit others. Your positive posts may encourage them to keep a happy mindset instead of worrying.




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