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Pause & Restart: Resetting one's life

We are living in a society that never stops, we are taught to continue and move as fast as possible so that we can have a successful life. We are so futuristic that we are forgetting how crucial it is for us to pause and breathe so that we can examine the current life that we have. The words pause and restart connote a negative meaning for some for the reason that it will only ruin the path to success.

Taking time to pause and breathe in this chaotic world should never be a bad thing. Life is too overwhelming to handle especially since there are current events that have been taking a toll on our mental health lately. Pausing and taking time to breathe does not take away the success that we are eyeing, instead, it helps us create a path that will ensure us to our future goals. We are taking a pause to move forward.

According to Dr. Rindfleisch (2020), pausing and taking breaks will help us in various ways including increasing focus, boosting awareness to make healthy choices, reducing stress, helping to maintain interest and energy level, making it possible to do better work, and decreasing the risk of the types of injuries that can happen. Furthermore, taking a pause has many forms, it can be taking a vacation to a place that you’ve been wanting to go, taking time for a walk, or just simply letting the time pass. Moreover, taking a pause will help us develop a life skill that we need in order for us to survive this ever-changing world. Hence, taking a pause is not something that we should be guilty of, it is something that helps us to be a better version of ourselves.

If taking a pause or break is a must then restarting too. These two work hand in hand, it enables us to survive the chaotic world that we are in. However, hitting the restart button can trigger uncertainties and fear. We are afraid to create a change in our life because doing so will lead us to ambiguity. We will rather choose mediocracy than hit the restart button because ambiguity means something that is bad. With that, everyone should know that by restarting or resetting our lives we are reshaping and redirecting our life to the right path. Restarting can be a door that will help us discover, examine, and create a sensible decisions in life. Restarting the button is not a negative move rather it is a sign of growth that can empower us. Just like a butterfly, there is beauty in change.

Lastly, we should be taking ourselves not just on the outside but also on the inside. Don’t be afraid to do things that will help us be a better version of ourselves. Taking time to create a mentally healthy practice will help us be better individuals.



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