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Suicidal Thoughts And Things You Should Know Combat Suicide Ideation

Suicide is a notion that many people have at some time in their life. Suicidal thoughts can refer to abstract ideas about terminating one's life or feelings. Suicidal ideation can be triggered by a variety of causes, including vulnerability and stressful life experiences. According to national surveys, 11.4 percent of adolescents tried suicide seriously, 7.9 percent formed a suicide plot, and 1.7 percent attempted suicide (Barrios, Everreth, Simon, et al., 2000).

At some point in life, individuals may feel sad and down, think that no one loves them, and there is something wrong with them. But the fact is, someone loves us and they care about us. Always remember that suicide is not the key to solving your problem. Remember that problems are temporary but suicide is permanent.

To avoid suicidal thoughts, here are some strategies to cope with suicidal thoughts:

  1. Talk to your loved ones. This is one of the keys to avoiding suicidal ideation. Talking to someone can make it easier to overcome any hurdles that cause suicidal thoughts.

  2. Avoid alcohol and drugs. It is important to avoid drugs or alcohol when you feel hopeless because it might trigger your emotions and will lead to thinking suicidal thoughts.

  3. Do not hesitate to reach out for help. It is okay to reach out for help when you cannot manage your emotional thoughts. Find someone who is willing to listen and someone who genuinely cares for your health.

  4. Always pray and talk to God. When you feel the world does not love you anymore, no matter how hard the situation is, always talk to God. This is the most effective weapon you have to combat suicide ideation.

Even though life is so tough, we should not easily plan to finish our lives. By seeking help from anyone, we can start to realize that we are not alone and we can get through this hard time. I also highly recommend seeking professional help or a counselor to help you deal with your problem and for the betterment of your condition. Through therapy and medication, many suicidal individuals get along with their past suicidal thoughts and live their life to the fullest.



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