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The effectiveness of Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy in children with Autism Spectrum

Have you ever heard about Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy? If not here’s an overview. Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy or ABA Therapy is a scientific discipline involved with the analysis of learning theory principles and the systematic application of this technology to modify socially significant behavior It employs behavior modification to change bad behavior into positive behavior. The goal of ABA is to improve behavior. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder struggle to engage with others. They also have difficulty interpreting other people's thoughts or feelings; making faces may be meaningless to them at times.

A child with Autism Spectrum Disorder has poor eye contact, despite the fact that the majority of them are aware of where they belong. They have issues with posture and signals as well. Many of them have stereotyped movements in particular body parts, and they frequently engage in disruptive behavior. Apart from that, these children engage in self-destructive behavior. Many clinicians have spent years searching for the most effective treatment and intervention for children with autism. They discovered that children with Autism and other developmental problems benefit greatly from Applied Behavioral analysis. Having access to this form of therapy will help a kid with autism or another developmental condition in improving their attention, compliance, social skills, and other aspects of their development.

Many psychological studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA Therapy), and it has been discovered that in order for ABA Therapy to be effective, a trained therapist and an effective intervention program must be implemented. The use of other techniques such as Functional Behavioral Analysis and identifying disruptive and passive behavior may also be advantageous. This ABA therapy can significantly enhance the daily lives of children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Finally, this type of therapy imposes Operant Conditioning, which considerably helps the child's improvement.



Rafiee, Sheida & Khanjani, Zaynab. (2020). The Effectiveness of Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy on Eye Contact Enhancement, Stereotypical Behaviors and Reduction of Behavioral Problems in Children with Autism Spectrum. Revista Gestão & Tecnologia. 20. 98-122. 10.20397/2177-6652/2020.v20i2.1651.


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