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"Tiktok Nation: What Makes it Addicting?"

Only an individual who resides in a cave is allowed to not know Tiktok. This social media platform appears almost everywhere within the modern cyberculture. What is fascinating is that contents from these social applications even reach other sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. To put it plainly, Tiktok is everywhere. Its popularity is also pretty evident with its audience and users; the elderly, middle-aged people, teens, children, and even infants! With this being said, none can defy the power of Tiktok in our present popular culture.

But why is it addicting? Firstly, TikTok allows users to meet freedom and creativity (Tirado, 2020). What makes an application addicting is that it allows users to navigate the interface freely while using amazing algorithms which satisfy the user’s interests and passion. Aside from this, Tiktok is a home of numerous creative features that allow individuals to make content - the only limit is the imagination! Through this, people become hooked, trying to perfect every idea so that they can lay it out in the public. Subsequently, gratification theory also plays a role (Koetsier, 2020). Since humans have a need for connection and validation, Tiktok has become an avenue for social gratification. The exchange of compliments, endless conversations, and rotation of newly-found culture fill up consumers’ social life facets.

Tiktok is definitely past its dominant peak in the industry and society but its power probably will last for a long time. The gratification of manly social needs is alright but do not ever forget to do everything in moderation!


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