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"What’s Vital?"

In a day full of worries because of being in a pandemic,

Almost everyone is stressed in life, even in academics.

No proper hours of sleep, tons of coffee, and unhealthy lifestyle,

Is your mental health more essential, or are those folders full of files?

It has been said that the mental health in our country is worsening,

Some people are so afraid to tell it or even attend counseling.

Many experienced the pressure of being functional in this phase,

It even gets hard because of restrictions and having limited ways.

Some lost their jobs, while some people don’t know if they can study,

Some lose themselves; they can’t find interest even in their own hobby.

Worries plus stress plus anxiety and a lot more negative thoughts,

What else is worse, silent battles every day being fought.

Everyone should know that mental health is important than ‘that file’,

And remember that it is not a crime to rest for a while.

Another person was made to remind you that you are not alone,

Again, you are not alone. You are not on your own


Omengan, O., Journalism, P. C. for I. (2021, May 22). Filipinos face the mental toll of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rappler.


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