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"World of Survivors."

It’s been 3 o’clock in the morning but I’m still wide awake,

Tears are falling apart, and I think I’m about to break.

This pandemic had caused trouble in my life and existence,

I can’t easily deal with problems, together with the isolation and distance.

Wondering all day and night on how I can be someone worthy,

Questioning myself, “will I continue my journey”?

Stress has been my breakfast and anxiety for dinner,

I may look good on the outside but try to dig deeper.

Almost everyone was struggling and coping up each day,

Trying to be productive, trying to survive and stay.

This pandemic may be a way for us to be stronger for the future,

I hope we are into something good, something to nurture.

Hope, is one of the keys for me and you to keep going,

A hope that everything will be okay and just keep on dreaming.

This is not a battle of one person versus the problem,

You have God, me, your family, and friends, good things will blossom.

Source: Lee, S. A. (2020). Coronavirus Anxiety Scale: A brief mental health screener for COVID-19 related anxiety. Death Studies, 44(7), 393–401.


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